Materials from Liberty Magazine consist of 
17,000 fiction and non-fiction copyrighted stories. 


10,000 articles written by some of history’s greatest personalities and figures; plus holiday stories, sports stories, animal stories, cartoons and puzzles

Short-Short Stories

Approximately 1,000
This was one of Liberty’s most famous departments. These 3 minute literary gems are perfect for the new high-tech industry and mobile device markets. The have become classics for their tight editing and surprise endings.


Over 1,300 full-color covers by great American artists such as Leslie Thrasher, and over 10,000 illustrations representing the likes of John Held Jr. and James Montgomery Flagg

Biographies and Autobiographies

150 stories and articles
Fascinating insights into the lives of the rich and powerful, both famous and infamous

Love Stories

Over 1,000 written by the masters of romantic fiction

Adventure Stories

Over 900

Mystery, Suspense, and Spy Stories

Approximately 1,500 from many masters of the mystery plot, as well as in-depth probing of famous true crime cases.

Human Interest Stories

Approximately 1,000 by and about great personalities in the arts, in government, and in society around the world.

Series “Continued Next Week” Stories

Approximately 300
These stories were primarily the work of top authors in fiction


300 stories, many written by the now acknowledged deans of American Western fiction on the Old Wild, Wild West


Over 15,000 ads from the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s


Article Categories

Sports Legends Speak Out

Babe Ruth
How it Feels to be a Has Been

Joe DiMaggio
How Much is a Baseball Player Worth?

Bobby Jones
Goodbye to Golf (Autobiography)

Bill Tilden
My High Points in Tennis

Knute Rockne
The Football Rebellion

Lou Gehrig
Am I Jealous of Babe Ruth

American Crime

Bruno Richard Hauptmann
Why Did You Kill Me?

Frederick Lewis
Gun Girl: America’s First Female Public Enemy Number One

Paul Gallico
Confessions of a Bootlegger

Michael Fiaschetti
(Former Head of the Italian Squad, New York Police Department)
Stool Pigeons

Fred Allhoff
Tracking New York’s Crime Barons

Edward Doherty
The Twilight of the Gangster

Mysteries and Scandals

Howard Marsh
Did Astor Find Captain Kidd’s Riches?

Sidney Sutherland
Unsolved Murder Mysteries

Leon Trotsky
Did Stalin Poison Lenin?

Edward Doherty
75 Tons of Polish Gold

Earl Carroll
Stars and Bars

Adela Rogers St. Johns
Jean Harlow Tells the Inside Story of Her Husband’s Suicide 

Presidential confidential

President Franklin Roosevelt
President Roosevelt’s Mystery Plot

George Sylvester Viereck
When a Woman Was President of the United States

Clement Wood
How Long Could George Washington Keep Out of Jail Today?

Frederick Palmer
Was Grant Drunk at Shiloh?

Frank Butler
I Saw Lincoln Shot

Mary Allen Hulbert
President Woodrow Wilson’s Mistress Tells Her Story

The Icons

Mahatma Gandhi
My Sex Life

Albert Einstein
Why Civilization Will Not Crash

Nikola Tesla
A Machine to End War

Greta Garbo
Why I Will Not Marry

Cornelius Vanderbilt
How Al Capone Would Run This Country

Harry Houdini
Tricks of Fake Mediums

War Monsters and Heroes

Pauline Kohler (Hitler’s Maid)
Hitler’s Sex Life 

General William Mitchell

Drew Pearson
The Real General McArthur

Joachin F. Paffrath
I Was a Hitler Agent in the USA

Literary Greats

H G Wells
What the World Will Be Like in Fifty Years

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Looking Back Eight Years

George Bernard Shaw
The Palestinian Muddle

Budd Schulberg

The Comedians

Groucho Marx
The Outline of Love

Bob Hope
My Trip to Alaska

Carlyle Robinson
The Real Charlie Chaplin – A Biography

Robert Benchley
78 entertaining articles

Alvin Nizer
Laurel and Hardy

Classic Box Office Reviews

(over 4,000)

Double Indemnity (1944)

Casablanca (1942)

Gone With the Wind (1939)


The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Frankenstein (1931)