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Introducing the Liberty Archives Digital Collection

Remarkable writing by some of Liberty Magazine's greatest contributors on topics ranging from Sex to Wall Street to Baseball to Hollywood. Includes (almost) forgotten essays by Greta Garbo, Babe Ruth, Gandhi, Margaret Sanger, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bette Davis, Jack Dempsey and many, many more.

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The Collection

The Magazine

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The story of America's most popular forgotten magazine

Liberty was one of the great, forgotten magazines of the early 20th century, with a weekly circulation of 3 million. Publishing from 1924 until 1950, Liberty's run spanned the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, World War I and World War II. Liberty featured rare first-person stories from famous writers, politicians, actors and other historical figures, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, H.G. Wells, Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Babe Ruth, Mae West and more.

Founded by Joseph Patterson and Robert McCormick, publishers of the New York Daily News and Chicago Tribune, respectively, Liberty published 1,400 issues with over 17,000 pieces of writing, 1,300 full-color covers, 12,000 illustrations, 50,000 advertisements, and 15,000 cartoons. Its stories spawned 120 films including "Double Indemnity," "My Man Godfrey," and the Academy Award-winning "Sergeant York."


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